Monday, December 19, 2011

Trinity and Beyond

In the movie Trinity and Beyond, it is just all about the history of the atomic bomb. On the day of June 1, 1945, the U.S. would start to enter into the nuclear age. The first bomb, Trinity was dropped in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Although the United States was not the first one to experiment with atomic energy, the German just began to create nuclear fusion and fisson with Uranium. This made scientist Albert Einstein send a letter to the President, stating that there needs to start being tests with nuclear power inorder to not face the threat of nuclear fallout from other countries. So the United States began to make test by using Plutonium and Uranium for nuclear fusion and fisson of the A-bomb. A few years later, during WWII there are two nuclear bombs that are dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Fat Man and the Little Boy were dropped on Japan to end the war in the Pacific.
In later years, Dr. Edward Teller was to be named the Father of the H-Bomb. This bomb was composed of Hydrogen a to create a bigger explosion. The Soviet Union was the devolpers of the world largest atomic bomb called the Monster composed of 57 megatons.
The was were two types of bombs, the A-bomb and the H-bomb. That were made up of Plutonium and Uranium. When the nuclear bombs were dropped or detonated, they released about 10 million degrees of heat into the surrounding area. In about 1955 Germany had announced that they hadn't even had any testing set for the use of Atomic energy and it was just one big hoax. So really the entire time that the U.S had spent on the bomb testing Germany was just lying. Nuclear fusion is were an extra neutron is added to the nuclear of an atom and it releases a mass amount of energy. Fission is where a neutron is taken away.

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