Thursday, November 17, 2011

Combustion Demonstrations

Ms. Leland conducted many three test that all had combustion. The first demonstration was where the took and poured a little bit of ethanol and coated the walls of the bottle with ethanol. Then once the bottle was prepared fully she lit a flame at the end of the bottle and there was a blue flame that entered into the bottle and shot it back. This happened, because all of the ethanol that turned into gas evaporated and shot it back off of the table.

The second test, was she took vinegar and baking soda and put them into a beaker and covered it with her hand, so there was not the reaction where it shoots out but it still reacted. Then she lit two candles and she took the beaker and put it over the candles and they went out. This happened, because the vinegar and baking soda takes a lot of carbon dioxide and candles need oxygen in order to maintain a flame and the candle were instantly put out.

The third test, she filled a beaker with hydrochloric acid and put about two grams of zinc into the beaker. The reaction was instant and the beaker began to bubble, because the zinc began to dissolve and she lit a flame on top of the hydrochloric acid and it caught on fire. This happened, because the hydrogen is VERY flammable and it basically ignited and kept a consistant spiral flame.    

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